Freading® eBooks
Get Access to tons of Cool Stuff

Freading® eBooks
Get Access to tons of Cool Stuff


You need to have a valid library card from a library that has contracted the Freading eBook Service. Although is visible on the World Wide Web, you will be prompted for a valid library card before you can actually download a book. Only library cards from subscribing libraries will work. Valid users can enter the site either from the web or via their subscribing library web site.

You need to decide on what device that you will read the eBooks. The most popular devices that are compatible with Freading eBooks are:

  1. Any computer or laptop running a Windows or Mac platform with at least a modest hard drive, some free RAM, and a browser that has been updated in the past year or two. Major browsers such as IE, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome will show the site just fine.
  2. The nook family of devices from Barnes & Noble. We have specifically tested the nook Color and the Simple Touch Reader. The nook devices are not compatible with direct wireless downloading of Freading eBooks, but they accept transfers from your PC or Mac through a simple process.
  3. The Apple iPad® and iPhone®. The Freading eBook service has a free application in the Apple App Store which you can download. You must use the general browser to access your library’s Freading site, then you download the eBook into the application. Direct downloading from within the application is not possible.
  4. Most Android™ based tablets and phones. We say “most” because some devices are Android based, but do not allow access to the full Android App Market, but a subset of that store. The Freading eBook Service has a free application in the Android app Market, and tablets that allow you to download the app include tablets from Motorola, Sony, Samsung and Acer, among others. Downloading is possible from within the Freading Android App.
  5. The Kobo Ereader and Vox tablet. The Freading App is in the Getjar App store.
  6. The Kindle Fire, but not other Kindle Devices. The Kindle Fire accepts 3rd party apps through a few extra steps as indicated below.

All mobile device users will need an Adobe ID in order to activate their Freading app for use. If users do notalready have an Adobe ID, they can create an ID by visiting the Adobe website.

eReader users (Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo) will also need an Adobe ID in order to utilize the Adobe® DigitalEditions software on their PC. Adobe Digital Editions is a software program similar to iTunes in that it managesdownloads and stores the eBooks on your PC. The Freading eBook site can tell you whether the Adobe DigitalEditions software is on your computer. You can follow the link on the Freading homepage to download theAdobe Digital Editions software for free.

If the eReading device is not compatible with the Freading app (Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo), then the eBooks willneed to be transferred from their PC to their eReader through the Adobe Digital Editions software.


While not a complete list, here are some of the most popular devices that work with Freading:

  1. For direct downloading off the site, you can use a PC or MAC. With our Apple app, you can use the iPhone or iPad. With our Android app, you can use most Android devices or tablets. Tablets we have tested include: Samsung Galaxy, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Asus and Xoom.
  2. For transfer of an eBook via computer using Adobe Digital Editions, you can use Nook devices, the Sony reader and the Kobo reader.
  3. Freading eBooks are available for the Kindle Fire by a special procedure but not other Kindle devices. At the moment, Freading eBooks are only viewable on a Nook device via transfer.

How do I get the Freading App on the Kindle Fire?

Slideme is the easiest way to get the Freading® app for your Kindle Fire.

Make sure you have enabled "Download from unknown sources" in the device settings. This is different depending on the model of Kindle Fire. In general this is done by:

  • Opening your notifications bar.
  • Select "More" to go to your device's settings.
  • Select "Device."
  • Slide bar to ON for "Allow Installation of Applications From Unknown Sources".

You will now be able to download the Freading® app.

  1. Go to and type "Freading" in the search box
  2. Click on the "Freading" icon and you will be led to a page where you can download the app.
  3. Click the button that reads "Download" located right above the app's description.
  4. The application will download, but will not install automatically. Once the file downloads, look for a notification indicating there has been a download. Typically this will display in the notification bar at the top of the screen, and you will be able to drag down from the top to view the recent downloads. If you do not see it here, please look under "My Downloads" within your browser. You will be able to find this within your browser's menu.
  5. Tap the download, and this will begin the installation process.
  6. Once installed, you will need to authenticate your app with an Adobe ID. You will be able to do this by clicking the menu button within the app and selecting "My Account."

You are now ready to use the app. Enjoy!


  • To use a Nook eReader or a Nook Color with Freading you'll need a computer with Adobe Digital Editions installed and authorized with an Adobe ID.
  • With Digital Editions opened on the computer, connect the Nook to the computer with the USB cable that came with the Nook. Once connected, Digital Editions will recognize the device and ask if you would like to authorize the Nook with the same Adobe ID as the computer. Select "Yes", and you will see the Nook appear as a bookshelf in Digital Editions.
  • Now, when you download a book from Freading and open it into Digital Editions you will be able to drag it onto the Nook.


Apple: The Apps functionality is to store and read the book. You must use the Safari browser to download a Freading eBook.

  • Use the browser to access your library’s Freading site. Login as necessary.
  • Download a book. You may be asked to “authorize” your device, which means you must login using your Adobe credentials when prompted.
  • You will be asked where you want to download the file. Select the Freading app.
  • After downloading, you will be able to read and navigate the book in the Freading app.

Android: You can use the App to download and read a book.

  • Open the Freading app.
  • Press the “grid” icon in the lower left hand corner to make a new group of menu icons appear.
  • Press the “store” shopping cart icon to browse your library’s Freading site.
  • Download and enjoy.
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